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I joined a Crohn’s disease forum today and posted a semi-detailed history to my Crohn’s disease, if you’ve ever been curious about reading it


colonoscopy prep, text it


I am living for this

It’s called the Shart.


I am living for this

It’s called the Shart.

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Things spoonies are tired of hearing: doctor edition


  • You just need to exercise more
  • You just need more Vitamin D
  • It’s just stress
  • I don’t recall you having this symptom last time we met
  • You need more sleep
  • How are things at home?
  • Oh you’re in school? It’s just stress
  • Oh you have a job? It’s just stress
  • How about physical therapy?
  • This medication won’t help you but let’s try it anyway!

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Anonymous: Early signs of chrons disease?


Crohn’s is a pretty hard thing to pinpoint but some common things to look out for are:

Painful and frequent diarrhea (may be bloody)

Severe abdominal pain


Rapid weightloss

As with anything medically related, please go to a gastro doctor, especially one that specializes in irritable bowel disease.  

Anonymous: My face gets red and hot but the body chills no fever does anyone else with chrons disease suffer from that?


I’ve never experienced that per say but I do get chills.  Anyone else have this happen to them?

If I was given more information, I could be helpful.

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I’m not new to Tumblr or the Spoonie community, but this is my first separate chronic illness blog and so I guess I’m new to the Spoonie Tumblr world. Which means I want to follow more of you fabulous fellow Spoonies!

So if you have a blog based mostly or entirely around…


Being an old as shit blog has some disadvantages…

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Humira tutorial in five steps.

this is really helpful :)

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